Heart of Gran Paradiso National Park

Five minutes from Cogne


Lillaz Chapel - Cogne - Aosta Valley

Famous for its waterfalls, which are spectacular in all seasons, the village of Lillaz is the starting point for several excursions. A well-equipped picnic area, a rock climbing gym and a paleofrana – the remains of a landslide dating back to the Paleolithic period – are all waiting to be explored and are just a few of the attractions on offer in Lillaz. In winter, skiers and ice climbers come to practice their sport in this breathtaking setting.


Panorama from Valnontey - Cogne - Aosta Valley

Valnontey, the doorway to the Park at the foot of Gran Paradiso, awaits you with its breathtaking views, its itineraries in Italy's oldest national park and its glimpses of one of the most captivating massifs in the region. It is the realm of chamois, ibexes, marmots, majestic golden eagles and beloved and protected flora that visitors can discover in the Paradisia Alpine Botanical Garden.


The village of Gimillan - Cogne - Aosta Valley

Gimillan, a natural terrace with a panoramic vista, is a unique opportunity to enjoy a breathtaking view of the massifs of Gran Paradiso and Mont Blanc. Here you can also find out about Cogne's history and how it grew up around the former magnetite mines, the ruins of which are still visible today. The mines themselves can no longer be visited, but a charming, meandering path leads to the ruins from the village of Gimillan.


The village of Epinel - Cogne - Aosta Valley

The village of Epinel welcomes you to Cogne Valley with its majestic bell tower, built in honor of the local Patron Saints Fabien and Sébastien. It stands tall and proud over the old center of the village, commemorating the distant past along with the legendary Fortified House of Tarambel. A rock-climbing gym, Les Fontaines Pond, a number of routes to explore and expanses of wildflowers make Epinel a village worth a visit!


The hamlet of Cretaz is a genuine piece of the past, a stone's throw from Cogne, with its old school and the old bakery where bread is still cooked in the traditional way. There are a number of routes that start from this little village, one of the most beautiful of which runs along the Grand Eyvia River, leading to the Meadows of Sant’Orso.

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